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The Kaharoa Kokako Trust was set up in 1997 after Landcare Research and the Department of Conservation found that the small population of Kokako in the Kaharoa Forest, northeast of Rotorua, was being predated by rats and possums, and consisted of only 12 pairs of breeding birds.

The Department of Conservation had no immediate funds to continue with pest control at that time so a group of local people formed the Kaharoa Kokako Trust to raise funds and provide voluntary labour to help reverse the decline of the Kokako, an endangered native New Zealand bird.

In 2007 the Trust formed the “Kokako Nest Egg” Fund with the aim of raising $150,000 in 10 years so that the interest on the funds raised could be used to pay contractors for pest control operations.

By 2015, the target had almost been reached and a decision was made to establish the Kaharoa Kokako Conservation Fund, with the Geyser Community Foundation, and to progressively transfer the “Nest Egg” to it, to be managed in perpetuity.

At the last census in August 2015, there were 173 adult Kokako at Kaharoa, which included 77 breeding pairs.

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